About this project

For the most part, Nigeria is unable to deal with healthcare problems –  especially one as urgent as the COVID-19 pandemic. Not because there is a scarcity of talent, but because the government historically has not funded healthcare well enough. The COVID-19 pandemic will threaten and stress Nigeria’s healthcare systems to the maximum.

With this project, COVIDNigeria intends to properly document the virus and spread in Nigeria while providing proper context.

In the end, we want this project to exist as a comprehensive and concise journal that documents and argues about the pandemic and spread in Nigeria. We hope it will become a proper enough policy tool or educational resource for us to better understand pandemics in Nigeria.

But, also, how we can reprogram Nigerias health sector to better serve the people. We will be looking at the politics of Nigeria and experts will debate how it can be better adjusted to deal with public health problems in the future.

At the moment

We are a small team of volunteers with professional experience in research, medicine, journalism, the financial market and communications.

We have our Twitter and Instagram pages. We are always assigning and editing essays, features and opinion pieces.

We are still building our website and we will have a live map of Nigeria show the spread of the virus and locate potential hotspots.

We are also working on our daily podcast that is to answer one question “Where are we now?

Join us

If you’re interested in pitching an opinion piece, essay or story, please send an email to oluwatosin@coronanigeria.com

If you will like to help fund this project, please send an email to partner@coronanigeria.com